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Roadmap to Successfully Boosting your Website Conversion Rate [Including 5 Hacks to make it more efficient]

There is a smart yet simple way to make sure your website generates more leads for your business. Read our quick step-by-step visual guide on how to do Conversion Rate Optimisation.

Diana Irimia
April 5, 2019

Video in 2019: no escape from video-first digital marketing

Did you know that video is the type of content with the best ROI in digital marketing? Find out more stats and reasons why you should invest in video marketing in 2019.

Diana Irimia
March 20, 2019

Top content trends & formats you need to know in 2019

In 2018, at Starberry we’ve written over 100,000 lines of copy for our content marketing clients (not that we’re counting!). That's an incredible inventory of fresh content, the benefits of which our clients are reaping every single day in the form of new users drawn to their websites and turned into paying customers.

Ben Sellers
February 6, 2019

So you want to get to the top of Google – Here’s how!

Do you know how your website is performing in search engines? While an extensive review of your website SEO might be laborious and require specialist SEO skills, here is a list of the most important questions you can ask yourself in order to quickly asses the performance of your website in organic search.

Diana Irimia
April 18, 2016

6 powerful AdWords strategies to action today

Do your competitors know how to wire-up these powerful advanced tips and tricks into their AdWords Paid Search campaigns? As Google AdWords gets more and more competitive, it is very important to stay up to speed when it comes to working these cunning tips and tricks.

George Cascaval
April 16, 2016

Hyper-personalised automated content is the next gen email marketing!

Love it or hate it, email is a channel that no one should ignore. But get it wrong, and you’re relationship will be over, ended with a heartless note that will read something like “I no longer wish to receive these emails” – at least we know where we’ve gone wrong, right?

Rus Sellers
March 22, 2016

Don’t let the tumbleweed blow through your social media networks!

Exciting isn’t it? You’re in control of a whole host of social media accounts and post like your life depended on it. But it’s only day one and you’re not that busy. Fast forward 3 weeks when you’re understaffed, called to 20 meetings in one week and haven’t even checked your emails let alone Tweeted what you had for breakfast.

Rus Sellers
December 12, 2012

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