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Starberry was awarded the job to redevelop the COREcruitment identity and to implement a through UX process to help clearly target the key audiences – Employers and Candidates.


From black and white wireframes, to clickable finished visuals, built on technology that facilitates collaborative feedback – Starberry invited COREcruitment’s clients to express their views whilst refining various creative iterations.


Once the web designs were signed off, Starberry built the COREcruitments new website on the Joomla 3.0 content management system utilising the twitter bootstrap responsive framework.


Starberry integrated with the API from recruitment management platform Logic Melon to feed Jobs in to our StarTek recruitment search modules – we implemented dynamic SEO to optimise all the Job Roles by country, location, sector and areas of expertise.


A selection of data capture forms where created to encourage Job submissions and CV submissions along with various Subscription services. Each of these tracked events are supported by automated rich emails delivered to the users inbox.




100’s of Custom Icons



Bespoke Forms

This form allows the user to upload & submit a file from their computer, whilst also using smart fields such as ‘Where did you hear about us?’ and a newsletter subscription option to get more out of the action.

The brand identity and philosophy is continued onto the design of the forms, building a unique experience.

Live Chat Support Module

Live Chat provides for instant human interaction and if no one is around in the office to talk then it can re-direct the feed to your mobile phone.

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