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Launch an Online Business with SEO in Mind: the elXtr Case Study.


Search engine optimisation is one of the most effective digital marketing channels to drive visitors and grow an online business over the long term. SEO can be extremely valuable not only as an acquisition channel but for setting up a successful foundation from the early stages of planning and launching an online business. The SEO & content marketing consultancy service we provided to Markel owned elxtr, a legal hub for small businesses, is a good example.


The team of solicitors behind elXtr appointed Starberry to tackle a very specific challenge: launching their public subscription service with best SEO practices in mind, while continuing to offer the same value and experience to existing customers.


Our initial SEO audit focused on understanding the purpose of the website content and its user journeys as well as uncovering the best ways to make this content available to search engines and new users alike. Having an effective information architecture and a thorough internal linking structure is essential for a website to be indexed properly and rank well in search engines; it ensures a good UX enabling users to easily find what they are looking for.


Starberry also advised on technical aspects which can be vital when indexing a website for the first time, such as handling of HTTPS by search engines, potential duplicate content issues, putting in place the best measures to ensure the web pages are indexed correctly and fast.


A comprehensive keyword research and competitor analysis helped us understand what topics and themes online users are interested in when it comes to legal requirements and business services. Following this, we were able to make recommendations regarding the structure and content of the website pages, in order to maximise their visibility in organic search and their potential to convert new users into paying customers.


Our research tied in with a broader content marketing plan which Starberry created for elXtr with the aim of focusing and structuring all online marketing communications around clearly defined business objectives and target audience personas. Having a content marketing strategy for the medium and long term is invaluable when it comes to generating results from any online marketing channel.



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