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Lisney is one of the best-known, full service estate agency in Ireland, providing both residential and commercial property services.


Lisney is the first place discerning Irish buyers look for property. They have a rich depth of local and national property expertise, and is the first place Irish buyers look for property.


They’ve been doing this for quite a while: Established as Harry Lisney & Son in 1934, nobody knows property in Dublin, Cork and Belfast better than Lisney.


With Lisney being based in Ireland, and our core team of Starberry based in the UK, with the rest of our team spread accross the globe, you’d think it would not be possible to conduct business together – But we do it better than ever.


Starberry makes it completely possible, as we run all our projects using an incredible collection of cutting-edge, online web-based, collaborative tools to manage the project, through to virtual meetings.


In fact it is more efficient to run a project this way than it would be if we were in the same town!


As it is not an option to have face to face meetings, it forces the whole team to on both sited to rethink how to communicate.


All the designs are loaded up into our ‘InvisionApp’ tool where you can have full workfows of how the website might look even before any line of code is written, where the team on both sides can leave comments and feedback.


Everything is done on a screen from mobile, to tablet, to desktop, so being in the same room to have a meeting you would only have to site around a screen anyway, so actually then it does not even matter which continent you are on 😉

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