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Making lead generation gorgeous | Starberry

Marketing your business with style AND substance


City & Country – a luxury property developing firm based in Essex – came to Starberry looking for a brand new approach to website design. And it didn’t take our experts long to discover that right up there on City & Country’s wishlist was a website that not only looked gorgeous, but that really transformed the company’s online lead generation statistics too.


City & Country have an exciting and unique approach to the property development business. While they cherish and respect every aspect of the incredible architectural heritage of their sites, they are sharply focused on developing the bright and brilliant homes of the future. By taking historic country estates and stately homes, and conserving and nurturing them in the City & Country way, the company is able to create stunning new developments for modern families and young professionals alike.


So, with the glorious heritage properties of City & Country in mind, we tried to respect and uphold the four key cornerstones of classic design in this website design and lead generation project. Our experts got to work on prototype pages that demonstrated a real understanding of space, proportion, scale and balance. At the same time, the Starberry team cleverly embraced the true modernity of today’s website design, with a cutting-edge approach to negative space and the implementation of real ‘call to action’ drama on every page. And, by giving more than a nod to the luxury hospitality sector on style and substance, we found we could also bring creative ideas to the online lead generation brief too.


And behind the design? The site needed to have huge publishing power to make use of City & Country’s great content, to maximise lead generation and support the company’s ongoing marketing and PR. City & Country also needed a website backend that enabled staff to manage multiple properties efficiently, so we developed unique functionality that allowed the client to present sets of parent developments to their customers, with subset developments detailed alongside. This approach enabled the City & Country team to look after the online presence of multi-tiered developments across the entire business.


Add to that realtime portal feeds, a data dashboard for internal reporting, and dynamic SEO and ghost pages, and you have a new City & Country website that is a easy to use, straightforward to manage, and which has improved City & Country’s presence in the property development market right from day one.


The City & Country team tell us they are delighted with a significant improvement in conversions, and with the increased time customers are now spending on the site. All in all it seems that the Starberry touch has helped customers buy into the City & Country brand like never before. Contact us to experience our personal touch.