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Jingle all the way to a bumper 2018 🎄

Jingle all the way to a bumper 2018 🎄

Now that trick or treating is done for another year, we are officially allowed to turn our thoughts to the festive season at Starberry HQ.

So, as well as decking our halls with boughs of holly, and roasting our chestnuts on an open fire, we have just put the finishing touches to our digital GIF animated Season’s Greetings cards.

We all know that, in business, the right Christmas greeting can be invaluable. Not only does it serve to thank customers for their work over the last year, but it can also publicise holiday season opening times and, the real icing on the Christmas cake, the right message can help to win more business for the year ahead too.

But not every Christmas message leaves its recipient with a warm and fuzzy festive feeling. The same old company Christmas cards tend to get the same drawing pin and corkboard treatment, and usually the only merry “Ho Ho Ho” is the one emanating from the recycling bin.

That’s why, between eating mince pies and reviewing our favourite eggnog recipes, Starberry’s elves have come up with a new way of sprinkling a little sparkle over your clients this Christmas.

Starberry are able to design, create and mail a gorgeous digital GIF animated Season’s Greetings card to your client database, and all in plenty of time to maximise sales leads before Christmas is really here.

Unlike Aunt Ethel’s dodgy knitwear and Uncle Pete’s out of date sherry, Starberry’s Christmas GIF animations are perfectly fitting and strikingly modern. They don’t need batteries, they don’t come with complicated instructions and, best of all, they work perfectly on every device – phone, tablet or laptop.

So, to officially make a start on your Christmas preparations, and to ensure your client’s names are firmly on Santa’s Nice List this year, drop a line to our elves at the Starberry North Pole.


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