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15 website design trends to look out for in 2018

Ever evolving and instantly gratifying – digital design is where it’s at. Website designs involve the same degree of artistry and agonising precision as traditional graphic design but at a faster paced and more tech-led environment.

Unlike the world of printed magazines, where ‘new’ is revealed on a weekly or monthly basis, fresh web design trends emerge almost daily and it’s our job as a web design agency to keep on top of what’s emerging. Our web designers are constantly surprising us with clever uses of colour, fonts, layouts and iconography – they draw inspiration from the world around them and apply it to web design.

We’ve invited the Starberry team to share its insights into 2018’s hot web design trends. Like what you see? No problem! We can redesign your business website so it’s sick, on fleck or da bomb (or whatever this 2018’s urban word is for awesome).

Text & Typography

#1 Bold Typography – Can you read me now? We’re maxing out font sizes so the simplest of words stand out on the page. There’s no room for overkill though. We’ll probably confine the largest to your home page.


#2 Text-Only – What, no pictures? You read it right. Some brands are keeping it simple with a few choice words. It can work, if designed with precision and flair.


#3 Cross words – Nothing to do with anger but all to do with the newspaper quiz. Watch out for words that appear both horizontally and vertically on the same page – maybe not whole sentences but definitely headlines and punch statements.


#4 Serif Fonts – It’s a return to the old school with serif back in fashion. Serif means a curl or finishing flourish that adds finesse to each letter, with a new wave of serif fonts ousting Times and Roman.


#5 Bespoke Fonts – These can be created using a computer or hand drawn but the result is always a real talking point and something unique your rival can’t copy. Boom!


#6 Overlapping Text & Images – Not one for the OCD clean line brigade but if you can go with the flow, running text over images brings a coffee table magazine-style to web design.


#7 Kinetic text – Stop being so static! Text that appears before your eyes, maybe one word at a time or in bursts, builds suspense and tells a story. Try it!


Patterns, Colours & Images

#8 Saturated Gradients – Being clever with colour has a big impact – two or three colours that fade in to each other are finding favour as web page backdrops.


#9 Colour Layering – Giving web pages definition and texture is possible even on a flat screen. We’re jazzing up layouts with layers of complementary and clashing colours.


#10 Duotone – So cool it hurts! The web designer singles out two key colours – perhaps a brand’s corporate ones – and uses various shades of this limited colour palette to knit a site together.


#11 Geometric Shapes & Patterns – We’re not talking random triangles or squares but hatch lines, tessellation and repetitive shapes forming funky backdrops or replacing a solid colour as an infill.


#12 Cinemagraphs – Ah the moving image! A dash of video always grabs attention and the cinemagraph is a video or mobile friendly GIF animation played on a loop to add interest to an otherwise static page.


#13 Illustrations – There’s plenty of room for pen and paper in 2018. Hand-drawn illustrations commissioned for a brand lend a friendly, human air to any web design.


Arrangement of space

#14 Less Is More – Some call it ultra minimalism but translated, it means a really paired back web page with only the essential information. Leave the bells and whistles behind and stun your audience with your simplicity.


#15 Broken Grid Layouts – Need to fall in line. Strict grids and frameworks are being relaxed in favour of an organic, unrestricted use of space. It really is starting with a blank sheet of paper.


Websites need refreshing almost constantly to keep pace and maintain interest. From a major design overhaul (we’re talking back to the drawing board) to a few tweaks here and there, Starberry will keep your web design engaging and on trend. 

No need to feel overwhelmed by the smorgasbord of website designs trending this year, we’d love to talk you through the best lead generating options for your business. Food for thought? Contact us today.

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