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2-way Sync or Die

2-way Sync or Die

The web industry is evolving rapidly. Players such as Slack, Deliveroo, Purplebricks, Airbnb and more are demonstrating what you can do if you really synchronise technology, but even these companies are only scratching the surface.

Starberry have stopped building websites, instead we are creating web apps – just this change in mindset helps you focus on transitioning away from static brochure web to dynamic data-driven pages, with the prime aim of delivering value to your customers and ultimately creating engagement through to increased sales or leads.

Trees need to be left standing and paperwork needs to be disposed of, with digital transactions taking over.

We are all time-poor these days and very comfortable using a wealth of apps that communicate with us in real time – Trainline, Google Maps, Uber, WhatsApp, Revolut and the list goes on.

To take your business to the next level in this digital revolution, everything needs a 2-way ‘realtime’ sync – all platforms and apps should be connected by APIs and work with the same up to date information. This will improve the accuracy of information, assist with GDPR compliance, make information flow quicker and ultimately save everyone time and money.

Google are masters at offering multi-directional APIs and now it’s time for all of us to take their lead by connecting our management systems, CRMs, marketing & automation tools, banks & communication systems to play catch-up.

Only innovative thinking, time and money will tell.

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