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2012 – Entering a new dawn, and the future is bright!

Waking up this morning on the first day of a brand new year, with the sun shafting into my bedroom, I was inspired to get up and take this picture with my iPhone 4s from the window.


I always think the dawning of a new year is a time to reflect over the year gone by, and I like very much to look forward with boyish excitement at the year ahead too.

We had a challenging year in 2011, but all of us in the Starberry constellation worked hard and had a good solid year. In the world at large the pundits are all talking of doom and gloom for 2012, and some even think that we will all be meeting our maker at the end of the year due to miss-information about the Mayan calendar!

Ben and I are not listening to any of that hokum and are actually looking forward to a very fruitful 2012 in more ways than one – We have won some great new business that spans the property sector to the financial sector and several e-commerce web projects.

Our team are buzzed and ready to kick some serious 2012 butt, so if you have any projects that you would like us to help you with this year please give us a shout.

Rus Sellers
Jan 1, 2012

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