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6 powerful AdWords strategies to action today

6 powerful AdWords strategies to action today

Do your competitors know how to wire-up these powerful advanced tips and tricks into their AdWords Paid Search campaigns?

As Google AdWords gets more and more competitive, it is very important to stay up to speed when it comes to working these cunning tips and tricks.

Sometimes advanced wiring up of your AdWords campaigns can take you to the next level — seemingly minor PPC campaign fine tuning can make your ads way more relevant and keep you ahead of your competitors.

We thought we would share 5 tips and tricks to demonstrate the levels we go to, to help our clients stay ahead of the game.

1. Try out Google’s ‘in-market audiences’ feature

Ever wonder what Google does with the enormous amounts of data they’re quietly collecting about all of us as we sail through a variety of Google products and Google-tracking-infused websites?

This relatively new AdWords feature called in-market audiences makes use of this powerful knowledge base.

The thinking behind this feature is to empower advertisers to go further than just basing their campaigns on demographics and instead target new users who have made it known that they’re interested in particular products based on their web behaviour.

Google understands when a visitor is actively discovering and comparing specific products, they track when you click on similar ads and convert, they then can leverage this data to assist advertisers to access potential customers on other sites across the web.

In-market audiences allow you to draw on Google’s data to target customers who have demonstrated that they’re in the market for your property, products or services.

Let’s say you’re an estate agent and you want to advertise to people whose web behaviour has indicated that they’re planning on buying a new home. This feature is a perfect way to target this audience using these powerful insights made available from Google’s tracking data.


We would love to show you how to benefit from Google’s in-market audiences data by laying it on top of the keyword phrases you’re already targeting in your Adwords campaigns.

2. Have you tried AdWords Dynamic Remarketing?

Basic remarketing programs deliver Ads without knowing which specific service or product a visitor previously looked at on your site.

Google has now made available the ability to do product-specific remarketing. With our help or by reading carefully through the documentation on Google, you can determine which products and services people looked at and deliver specific remarketing ads featuring those exact products. This level of relevancy dramatically helps conversion rates.

Here’s an example of a dynamic ad on the Guardian after I’ve been checking out some gear on JD Sports.


Now as you surf other sites on the web, they keep reminding you that you looked at this item, but have yet to buy. As you can imagine, this remarketing tactic creates highly relevant ads that convert quite well.

3. Customised ads that update in real-time

You know that an important component of high-performing ad copy is urgency, but no one has time to continuously update promotions, coupon codes and amend ad text, for this reason Google has introduced a usefully scripts that Jo public can comprehend!

You can now make Google aware, for example, “A sale starts today and ends in 7 days, so update my ad text every time they are presented.” You can even use this approach for an action closing down to the hour: “A Lot goes on sale starting in two hours — don’t forget to place your bid.”

However, this is just for starters. There are lots of dynamic elements in the ad you can manage now. You can encode for example, a property name, street, area & postcode, property detail and auction start or end date.

In the past this kind of customisation wasn’t available, early adopter AdWords professionals would have had to manage thousands of lines in spreadsheets and manually upload each and everyone.

4. Schedule ads to correspond to your Sales team’s opening hours

There’s nothing more irritating than paying for leads that just go cold. So why do people publish ads that drive leads at midnight when there’s no one there to respond to the in-bound calls and enquiries?

When a lead is hot, it needs to be pounced on, because a few hours later the customer might sit with your competitor.

To maximise your return on investment, Starberry recommends the use of ad scheduling. It’s known to dramatically improve your CPA by up to 100%, it can be found under advanced campaign settings or just ask us and we’ll show you how.

5. Don’t let your competitors drain your ad spend

It’s a know fact that some unscrupulous competitors are clicking your ads — You can be sure of that. There is however a trick you can deploy to keep from paying for these clicks.

The trick is to use IP exclusions.

Starberry would welcome the opportunity of showing you how to block your competitors’ IP addresses, disallowing them from ever seeing your ads again.

First, you need to find out your competitors’ IP addresses, there are a number of methods you can try:
• Find an email from the company. You can track down the IP address by looking at the email header content.
• Do an IP look-up on the competitor’s URL. Here’s an eHow article explaining how to do this. This isn’t always successful as some companies use a different IP address to browse the web than the one their domain is hosted on, so this can be an issue, but worth a go.

If you can track down their IP addresses, just add it to “IP address exclusion” in your AdWords settings. As if by magic, you’ve blocked their IP and saved your business a bunch of wasted budget.

6. Test your campaigns regularly for the best ROI

Without stating the obvious testing is key to a successful AdWords marketing campaign, and not all of these tactics will be successful for every business.

We really hope that some of these tips and tricks will help improve your AdWords campaigns and if you need help, don’t hesitate to ask Starberry for help.

We have been managing Adwords campaigns for Estate Agents and Corporates since Google’s inception of Paid Search and we have driven tens of thousands of quality leads.

For more information on all the above and more, contact our Starberry AdWords Professionals now

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