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Clickteez develop a cool way to try Apple Passbook without buying an airfare!

Clickteez develop a cool way to try Apple Passbook without buying an airfare!

Starberry’s recently launched Clickteez is a platform that lets you make one-off custom printed T-Shirts with any design or photo in a few clicks, via our API driven Clickteez, Faceteez, and Instateez.


Faceteez is a Facebook App that links into all your Facebook albums and photos, Instateez lets you access all the photos in your Instagram feed, which both allow you to make a custom T-Shirt from your photos in a few clicks.

We got tired of seeing the Passbook app on our new iPhones lying empty and forlorn, so rather than booking a few flights for no good reason, we’ve made Clickteez, Instateez and Faceteez some Passbook order status passes so you can keep track of your T-Shirt order!

We’ve also made some Passbook coupons so you can try out our new system for free: If you’ve got an iPhone running iOS 6, just click on one of these links on your email or in Safari on your iPhone and you’ll get a coupon to add to your Passbook: Faceteez – or Instateez – or Clickteez (You can also send a Passbook coupon to your phone from your Mac if you are running the latest version of Mountain Lion 10.8.2 by clicking on the links too)

Once you’ve ordered your T-Shirt for free — just pay shipping — you’ll get a Passbook card in your email to keep track of the order progress at every step of the way!

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