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Don’t let the tumbleweed blow through your social media networks!

Don’t let the tumbleweed blow through your social media networks!

Exciting isn’t it? You’re in control of a whole host of social media accounts and post like your life depended on it. But it’s only day one and you’re not that busy. Fast forward 3 weeks when you’re understaffed, called to 20 meetings in one week and haven’t even checked your emails let alone Tweeted what you had for breakfast.



The problem with social media is it needs to be constant to be viewed as fresh and interesting. Tweet nothing for a week and people will un-follow you. Neglect your news feed or blog on your website and suddenly your last entry dated 6th August looks plain silly when read in November.

Starberry offer a complete social media management service. We will set up your social media accounts for you (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, FourSquare, Google+ and Google Places) to save you the hassle and make sure your profiles are working to your advantage. If you’d like them integrated into your website, just shout, but managing your social media can be a stand-alone project. We’re also happy to take over any social media accounts that are already up and running.

We will set all your social media accounts up in to our web based centralised Social CRM so that all channels can be managed from one place, communications can be carefully tailored for each network and co-ordinated in terms of scheduling of posts, responding to feedback and overall reporting.

We’ll then make sure your streams are populated with relevant content; we’ll re-tweet interesting news; follow key people/companies who are regarded as Influencers; we’ll alert you when you have direct messages and business leads, and produce reports so you can access how affective your social media channels are. Of course, we’ll work with you to identify areas of interest, draw up a frequency schedules and obtain sign-off on our work before posting.

Starberry also specialise in integrating social media accounts into websites, as well as helping businesses be ‘liked’ more across the social media networks. To see an example of this in action you can go to the ‘Our Social Network’ page on our client Marsh & Parsons’ new award winning website.

Our service is beneficial to anyone thinking of entering the world of social media, but doesn’t know where to start; those who have already set up their social media accounts, but are struggling to find the time to manage them and those who are looking for a cost-effective social media solution that drives a greater level of quality engagement.

It’s worth adding that we also create compelling blog and news content that can add value to your website, improve SEO and provide creative fodder for social media.

Find out more about our social media offerings by contacting us today.

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