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The fastest way to drive more off-plan sales for your new homes developments

The fastest way to drive more off-plan sales for your new homes developments

Selling off-plan is absolutely crucial to the success of any new homes development and I’m going to tell you how to achieve more sales, faster.

Starberry has been successfully marketing new homes for over 20 years and has a proven track record in driving thousands of off-plan sales both in the UK and Internationally.

Name & domain

Cracking the site’s identity and purchasing a memorable domain name should be prioritised even before the first planning application - these are the true foundations to your scheme.

Thanks to our brand consultancy heritage, we’ve conceived and created hundreds of new development marketing names and identities.

Holding page

A holding webpage with a ‘coming soon’ message and data capture form to build an audience is a must from day one! Regular communications are key to creating the buzz, customer loyalty, trust and word of mouth.  

Marketing strategy

A well-considered strategy plays a massive role in the success of a Development.

We start by understanding what the scheme comprises in terms of numbers of units, property types, their release dates and price points.

We then identify the unique selling points such as the detailed specification, quality of fit-out and types of fixtures and fittings. All of this information helps us identify the demographics of the perfect target audience so we can begin mapping out the customer personas.

Whether it’s a construction or marketing hoarding, we like to get the brand, web address, imagery and simple messaging out there as early as possible to start selling the dream and spreading the word.

Single source of truth

The website is your single source of truth and destination for every piece of marketing collateral whether it appears offline on hoardings, in print and PR or via a multi-channel digital marketing campaign.

Over time we will design and build a web presence that covers every key aspect of the development. They’ll be stunning photographic representations of the specification, site and marketing plans, CGI’s, virtual tours, drone footage, videos and more. The website will be designed to create excitement and intrigue with the ultimate aim of capturing leads.

Marketing evolution

The construction of a development transforms through its phases from demolition to basement excavation, to laying footings and foundations, and so should the marketing materials evolve in the most agile, fluid and cost-efficient way.

Most schemes have rounds of planning applications which include architects drawings, plans, elevations, computer-generated illustrations and more - Starberry are often commissioned to develop these materials into high-end presentation documents to aid the planning permission process.

All these valuable assets assist in getting the marketing machine working faster.

We constantly build up the information pages supporting the scheme by adding new written and visual material on the website. This can be shared on social media and in articles to the press as part of our content outreach campaign designed to drive new leads.

Digital print

We produce hardback full-colour brochures for investors, banks or perspective buyers - sometimes only 20 digitally printed copies at a time. Every marketing tool has the flexibility to be updated as new content becomes available such photography or video of the finished show apartment.


High impact fully branded and creative Dibond hoardings, flags and AA signs still play an intrinsic part of the developments marketing mix as they catch your eye, create great local awareness and drive more traffic.

Marketing suite and show flat

We work closely with developers on ideas for marketing suites and show apartments to help present the scheme in its best light to customers face to face on site or in temporary locations nearby.

We develop 3D fly rounds and virtual reality walkthroughs that can be sent to overseas buyers, be dropped into the website, played on a loop on large screens in the marketing suite and at the selling agents offices.

Developing rich relevant content is key. Whether it be thoughtful copywriting, beautiful CGI’s, photography and video, all of it helps tell the story and paint a better picture of the new homes on offer.

Content Marketing

With all the key marketing tools in place, you're ready to aggressively start generating inbound leads through to sales.

Starberry create powerful content marketing campaigns that utilise a multi-channel approach. With the website sat at the heart, we produce a stream of fresh search engine optimised and engaging content. We syndicate across all social media channels, outreach in email marketing newsletters and promote and re-market across online paid advertising networks.

Every channel is fully tracked with events and goals placed on all form completions. We provide accurate reports showing the return on investment and marketing cost of sale.

We'll develop, fuel and manage what can only be described as a lead generation powerhouse.

Starberry create awesomeness and deliver results.

Do you have a new homes development project that you want to sell fast?

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