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EA Masters 2020: Marketing Advice for the Next Normal

EA Masters 2020: Marketing Advice for the Next Normal

The virtual EA Masters 2020, hosted by Property Academy, brought together the very best in marketing on both the agency and supplier side. Including our very own Ben Sellers, who joined the Marketing panel alongside the amazing Heather Staff of Street, Mark Ross of Redbrik and Deborah Richards of Maddisons Residential

Discover what Ben had to say about the digital world of estate agency, moving forward. 

Digital Directors

“Video Is Everything!” is the famous phrase that Ben brought forward at EA Masters 2019. Even back then, what was clear is that the future would only highlight the importance of video.

Estate agents must essentially become digital directors, crafting engaging visual content for their audience.

Your website acts as a virtual window into your business and all its offerings. Complemented with a ‘video-first strategy’, your web presence will only become even more powerful.

24/7 Virtual Environment

As estate agents, it’s key that your communication constantly evolves. Standard sign-up and contact forms are a relic of the past, especially as the world of estate agents transforms from purely sales to one with more marketing flair.

Through embracing video, estate agencies can improve audience interactions, leading to increased instructions. Features such as ‘Calendly’ appointment bookings, integrated with video conferencing like Zoom, can be attached to property sales videos, presented by an agency’s best sellers and listers. Automations now transform the most basic communication tools into 24/7 instruction generators.

The Multi-Channel

There is no one way to success. As estate agents you must adopt a diverse multichannel approach; your audience is diverse, so why wouldn’t your interaction behaviour be?

Not only is your audience located across the many platforms that exist today, but users themselves respond differently to different messages and formats. So in order to increase the rate of successful instructions, estate agents must be able to evolve their ability to communicate on both their own site and external environments.

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