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How Starberry meet on a global stage with web conferencing service ‘Zoom’

How Starberry meet on a global stage with web conferencing service ‘Zoom’

Starberry is full service digital agency, who practice an Agile project development methodology, with a wealth of talent distributed literally worldwide, we call the Starberry constellation.

It is imperative that we communicate frequently and succinctly with both our teams and clients.

To reduce the need for multiple face to face meetings, we video/web conference and share screen, which facilitates excellent project engagement and collaboration.

Until recently, this consisted of a combination of Skype and the use of a variety of screen-share software. Though this was ok, it was by no means perfect, often slightly disjointed, unreliable and unclear, not to mention more time consuming and expensive.


One day, only a few months ago, thanks to some quality research, Zoom came in to our lives and without exaggeration has quite literally transformed our business overnight.

After a single trial video conference call, we had people joining seamlessly, without any connection issues from Macs, PC’s, iPads, a variety of smartphones and landlines. Passing the control of shared screens back and forth regardless of device was a breeze and the rest is history.

It just works! I know this should be taken for granted but anyone with video conferencing experience knows this is not always the case.

Using Zoom has felt like a weight has been lifted from our meetings – the anticipation of a feed from a client stopping a productive conversation has pretty much gone. The quality of the video and audio is the best we’ve seen across the usual contenders (e.g. GoToMeeting, Join.Me, AnyMeeting, etc), and best of all… it is rock solid.

If you are happy with up to 40 minute conferences at a time, it’s yours for free. however we signed up for a corporate account without a second thought.


In the last month of Zooming, we have had 372 virtual meetings with 1214 participants for total of 650 meeting hours! So in the old world, if the average meeting was 1hr and each person would take another hour traveling too and from that meeting, this has saved us a shedload of hours – you do the maths!

Zoom is in a league of its own and in this remote access, upwardly mobile world we live in, this is the future. Give it a whirl, we’re confident you will thank us for this tip.

So if you want to find out how you can be Zooming with us on one of your projects then Contact Us now.

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