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Invision: Where the magic happens

Invision: Where the magic happens

Did we ever mention that we design award-winning websites? It’s actually quite a complicated task to make something look simple and work intuitively. It takes a whole lot of graft, countless iterations, bucketloads of feedback and seamless communication. It’s very easy to lose sight of key objectives along the way. Throw in a tight deadline, Google’s ever-changing search algorithm, and a website specification with all sorts of bells and whistles, and you’ve got a real fight on your hands.

That’s why we use Invision. Overnight, it has literally transformed the way we prototype, present and collaborate the creative stage of a website build and beyond. No more 40 page Word documents of feedback with us wondering which button is being referred to. Invision allowed us to do away with this in one stroke.


Following the agile methodology and using Invision, we create clickable working prototypes from day 1, showing the look and feel of the finished product across desktop, tablet and mobile devices so you really can see the design in its true environments.

Designs can be uploaded and updated direct from Sketch and Photoshop too, saving us a ton of time during the initial approval and generation phase. We can show working fixed headers, pull menus, overlays and much more using the prototype builder.


Invision allows us to visualise fast, get feedback instantly both internally and from our clients, create easy to understand tours of what has changed and much, much more. It provides a single point of focus for everyone involved in the project.

We also use it for handover to developers with Invision’s new ‘Inspect’ feature. Element padding, font styles, colour palettes and graphics are run through the Invision app, providing that extra bit of flexibility when it comes to the build phase. In short, Invision gives us a bunch of great features from design to code, allowing us to focus on what we love doing most: creating awesomeness.

Here’s a video from the Invision team, demonstrating some of the features:

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