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Link building – a vital strategy to increase leads

Link building – a vital strategy to increase leads

Link building isn’t rocket science. It can be fun and entertaining (think of Spiderman shooting out his web and finding a link to connect to) as well as invaluable for your business.

In simple terms, link building is the process of getting external pages to link to a page on your website. It’s one of the key elements in the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) process. Link Building can improve your website’s search engine visibility and rankings as well as drive brand awareness.

How Link Building Works

Links from other websites to yours work like votes of confidence. Google crawls millions of web pages every day, reading and indexing the content on them and the relationships between them. The more links to a website it discovers, the more it will see that website as being popular.


In SEO terms, the higher the number of quality backlinks, the more ‘authority’ a website has. ‘Quality’ here refers to how authoritative and relevant the websites the links come from are.

By actively building links to your website from popular and relevant websites in your industry, you increase the chances of your website ranking higher in organic search engine results; better visibility in search translates into higher traffic to your website.

But it’s not only higher rankings in organic search that link building offers. When you build links, your website is mentioned in various places across the web. You start developing relationships with other business owners and promote your business in front of their audiences. Over the long term, this results in stronger brand awareness for your business, more traffic to your website and a sustainable increase in conversions.

Backlinks are best when they are natural. The idea behind link building is to build backlinks up to a stage where links start flowing in naturally. Just as Matt Cutts at Google said: “The objective is not to make your links appear natural; the objective is that your links are natural”
So, where do you start?


Link building techniques

There are several link building techniques that can help get the ball rolling; from the tried and tested methods to new approaches which have recently come to light as search engine algorithms have evolved. We have highlighted a few popular ones below:

  • Content Syndication
  • Directory submissions/ local citations
  • Blog & social media commenting
  • Guest posting / Guest blogging
  • Creating Linkbait content
  • Content outreach
  • Broken Links Link Building
  • Competitive Link Building
  • Creating partnerships with other businesses in your industry

Link building done through content is considered the most valuable, as search engines love content and the great value it brings to the user.


The general process for executing these techniques can be defined as follows:

  • Identify websites in your niche which welcome content and are ready to link out
  • Brainstorm for content ideas based on the opportunities you have identified
  • Establish relationship with the website owners/bloggers/webmasters
  • Reach out to them, letting them know your idea and get their thoughts
  • Develop the content (copy/infographic/video) always keeping in mind the audience you are talking to
  • Send the content and have it published along with a backlink (or) publish the content on your website and request for a mention with a link

No matter the approach you are taking, the important point to keep in mind is to always think in the long term. Link building can be a great online marketing tactic for your business, be it B2B or B2C. It’s true magic lies in the opportunities it offers to develop your online footprint over time, grow your brand and take your business to a whole new level.

So build links with the overarching goal of promoting your business, don’t build links just to win at the SEO game.

Let us bring out the inner ‘Peter Parker’ in you, and we’ll help you to shoot out your own web and find links to connect to. Contact us now, we’d love to have a chat about your Digital Content Marketing, Website Design, and Email Marketing and Automation.

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