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Sign up to hear Starberry in the Matterport webinar this July!

Sign up to hear Starberry in the Matterport webinar this July!

Digital engagement is where the next chapter of your business begins. But how much do you really know about taking the leap into the new world—and what on Earth does it all really mean?

Well, we’d like to answer this kind of questions and get you on track. Our founder Ben Sellers is appearing in a Matterport Webinar at 11:00 GMT on 25 July 2019, where he’ll share the latest insights into how estate agencies are getting the most from the digital world.

Matterport are the masters of 3D capture, with tech that’s able to record and render any space in glorious 3D for realistic walk-throughs and tours. The benefits for property companies are immense: Matterport can take you digitally into any property and guide you through as if you were there. 

Ben is joining up with the guys from Matterport and estate agent group Winkworth, talking about how tech is already revolutionising the online property industry.

What is engagement, and what does it mean to your website? Why is it crucial to keep users on your site for longer, anyway? It’s time to discover the content that gets people to your site, keeps them there, and why Google likes it better that way, too.

Ben will be on hand to discuss the results you might expect from digital walkthroughs of property, how you can embed them on your site, and why they’re playing a big part in the most compelling e-marketing campaigns out there. Sign up to the webinar right now!

Do you want to talk about adding 3D walkthroughs on your property website?

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