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We’re part of ICG (Innovation Collaboration Group)

We’re part of ICG (Innovation Collaboration Group)

We’re delighted to be an approved supplier of ICG, UK’s biggest and most exciting collaboration of “best-in-class” PropTech and PropService suppliers.

Innovation Collaboration Group (ICG) is an initiative that started in 2019 and now includes 32 property suppliers. Each ICG member company is a leader in their particular field, and they have pledged to work together, pooling ideas and expertise to fast track the future of estate agency.  

At the beginning of this year, we were tasked with the amazing job of revamping the ICG’s brand and digital presence, with a fresh new digital strategy at its core, focusing on bringing powerful collaborations and outstanding know-how and advice to estate agents across the UK.

Three reasons to choose ICG

There are three strong reasons why estate agents should engage with ICG:

  • ICG members are all ‘approved’ suppliers, chosen because they are the most exciting and trusted names in PropTech and PropServices, with a track record for excellence and innovation.
  • ICG is the property industry’s most radical collective. Cutting-edge collaborations between suppliers have the potential to improve existing services and create new and exciting revenue streams for estate agents.
  • The group offers an exciting hub of know-how and insights, in the form of free webinars, industry events, blog articles and newsletters. ICG provides regular updates so agents are aware of the latest PropTech and PropService innovations.

Choosing the right product pack

The ICG website was designed around the solutions that ICG Approved suppliers offer to real problems that estate agents are facing in their businesses, grouped into 7 product packs: Lead Generation, Business Strategy, Digital Marketing, Customer Experience, People, New Revenue Streams and Internal Efficiencies. When you visit any ‘Product Pack’ page, you will find the names of suppliers offering products or services appropriate to that topic.

If you’re interested in improving or fast-tracking any of these areas of your business, contact ICG Approved suppliers directly through the website or contact ICG and someone will guide you through the right solutions to consider.  

Support for estate agents

After the launch of the ICG website & brand, right at the beginning of the lockdown, Starberry continued driving ICG’s digital presence through a multi-channel digital marketing campaign that focuses on providing useful content and insights for estate agents, in the form of webinars, news articles, newsletters and social media updates.

Supporting estate agents during the Covid-19 pandemic was a key focus for the entire group. That’s why the Starberry team helped organise weekly live webinars, bringing together leading agents, property experts and ICG Approved suppliers to provide help and advice, completely for free.

Previous webinars have focused on generating new leads, compliance, entering new markets and preparing to open up after lockdown. They are all available on ICG’s Events section, where you can watch the back catalogue of webinars and register for  upcoming ones.

Register with ICG if you haven’t already, in order to benefit and be among the first to know about powerful PropTech and PropService collaborations and integrations, with the potential to revolutionise the property industry.

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