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Project management tools are dead. Long live Dapulse!

Project management tools are dead. Long live Dapulse!

Several years ago, we decided to completely change the way we manage our work, from the old ‘waterfall’ way to an ‘agile’ project management methodology. Agile provides us with a lightweight process framework that embraces iterative and incremental practices, helping us deliver better product quality, high client satisfaction, increased team morale, collaboration, and ownership in a flexible and interactive way.

To facilitate this paradigm shift, we felt we needed new project management tools to help us run the whole process. Yes, I can hear you yawning already, when you hear the term ‘project management tools’, you’re probably thinking of spreadsheets, tasks, productivity, and Gantt charts – What a bore!

Instead, what we really wanted was a place to centralise all our communication and keep everyone engaged and focused on what matters the most. And more importantly, we needed something that our team would enjoy using.

After months of research, I found just the thing, the curiously named ‘Dapulse’ – It’s a beautifully designed tool that’s as addictive and social as Facebook. It focuses on people, success, and getting things done.


Dapulse is easy to use and very visual. The coloured statuses just pop out at you, so we know where things stand at a glance without having to read a thing. Everything on the screen reacts to a click or mouseover, and the software is very fast. Marking a ‘pulse’ as ‘Done’ and turning the status to Green becomes game-like, with all of us wanting to make everything Green.

Our team finds it fun and rewarding, and you don’t need much in the way of chasing as Dapulse makes its value clear. Communication improves, efficiency grows, and tasks get completed without the usual disparate email chains and endlessly searching for files. As you can tell, I am a loud and proud Dapulse evangelist and think that it could help you too, whatever business you’re in.

We use Dapulse to manage all our services including Brand Strategy, Website Design, Email Marketing and Content Automation. If you like to know more about Dapulse or our approach to running projects why not get in touch.

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