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Proofreading AI robot saved my life!

Proofreading AI robot saved my life!

Proofreading AI robot saved my life!

It’s April 2017, nearly everybody in business today does a shedload of writing, and the biggest issue is properly proofreading that writing.

We all look down on people who make errors in their emails. One typo may be forgiven, but two or three errors with bad grammar and you’ve all but destroyed your credibility.

Cue the world’s most accurate grammar checking AI app in the world – ‘Grammarly’. It’s my spelling & proofreading saviour, and has literally saved my life! The Grammarly app was one of the first apps I installed after I took delivery of my new Macbook last night, so that says a lot.


Once installed on your computer Grammarly does the work of proofreading for you, with its powerful grammar-checking algorithms developed by the world’s leading authorities on linguistic technology. You’ll be amazed by how it helps you to become a better writer while learning from your mistakes so that you can avoid them next time.

This app is like a strict English teacher suggesting corrections to improve my writing. It’s a great tool to correct the common grammar errors and give strong vocabulary suggestions.

Grammarly actually checks your spelling and grammar as you type and ensures what you type is clear, and free of mistakes. It’ll instantly fix over 250 types of errors, most of which Microsoft Word® can’t even find!

In a recent survey, it turns out that grammar and spelling matter to homebuyers too. In fact, 43.4 percent of 1,291 people surveyed said they would be much less inclined to book a viewing if its online listing contained misspellings or improper grammar.

I use it all day when I am writing in my suite of apps like Gmail, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Slack, Snapchat, and Instagram 😉


Grammarly is a free tool that’s a chrome extension as well as an app. If you create a lot of content like me, upgrading to the paid version gives you extra valuable tools. Check it out now, it might just save your life too!

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