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Starberry integrate social media into your business

Starberry integrate social media into your business

The property industry is being dragged kicking and screaming into the world of social media. As well as being requested by staff and being suggested by web designers like ourselves, it’s actually clients that are prompting estate agents to dip their toes into the world of Twitter and Facebook. Whether you like it or not, clients will be talking about your company on social media as people love to share their experiences.

Word-of-mouth chatter is being traded online just as much as it is at the school gates and down the pub, so unless you’re monitoring social media or see it as an integral part of your business, you’ll be missing out on those conversations about you. It’s time to engage, not only responding and sharing the good feedback, but also helping to turn the negative to your favour as quickly as possible.

Starberry have a two-pronged attack when it comes to social media.

1.) Turning your web browsers into instant social media advocates – the pinnacle of social media is to get users sharing your website content with their friends. We created a tab – a social media dashboard – on the left had side of Marsh & Parsons’ website that allows users to share any page with the leading social media sites at the click of a button. The page title and url is automatically pulled into the text field so all the user has to do is press ‘post’ or ‘share’ and your content reaches a brand new audience. It’s a great function that gets used a lot when people want to share a specific property they have found/bought/rented or recommend to a friend.


2.) Keeping users on your website while connecting them to your social media accounts –there’s nothing more annoying for a company than a user being taken away from their website mid-flow, so it makes sense to integrate your social media channels into your website. With Marsh & Parsons we created a ‘social’ tab with ‘hover’ mega menu in the top navigation bar. It gives users access to all the company’s social media streams without them having to leave the Marsh & Parsons site.

Before you scream ‘but so many companies block social media sites at work’ – stop. Starberry has already thought of that. We cache all the posts from Facebook and Twitter and pull them through via another domain before publishing them on the website. This means you’ll never see a broken or bad link, even if you’re banned from browsing social media sites.

As well as having a whole area on your website devoted to social media, we can also publish your Twitter feed on your home page, or elsewhere on your site. If you’re worried about any dirty laundry being aired in the ether, fear not. There a several privacy settings you can choose from. Opt for: a.) everything that appears in your timeline – so all your own Tweets, people that have ‘@’ you and Tweets from people your follow; b.) Just the Tweets originated by you and those that have ‘@’ you and c.) Only the Tweets you create on behalf of your company. This gives you control over what is seen by the users, although having some transparency does have its merits.

See how it works for Marsh & Parsons, or follow us on Twitter @starberry to see the type of content we like. Starberry also offers a full social media account management service, with content discovery and blog writing ability.

For further details on our Social Media offerings – Contact Us

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