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Starberry invited to exclusive Blockstack ‘Investors Lunch’ with Co-Founder Ryan Shea

Starberry invited to exclusive Blockstack ‘Investors Lunch’ with Co-Founder Ryan Shea

My Brother, and partner-in-crime, Ben and I really enjoyed our intimate gathering of investors for a working lunch at the swish Henrietta Hotel in Covent Garden, London yesterday. It was a great session and a pleasure to meet some very interesting people ranging from VC’s to Developers.

Blockstack‘s ICO raised $50 million through the sale of 440 million tokens in back November 2017. The sale saw investors – including Union Square Ventures (USV), Foundation Capital, Lux Capital, Winklevoss Capital, Blockchain Capital, Digital Currency Group, Y Combinator partner Qasar Younis, Techcrunch founder Michael Arrington and Digg founder Kevin Rose – fund Blockstack’s vision for a new internet for decentralized apps where users own their data built on blockchain technology.

The lunch was an excellent opportunity to get first-hand knowledge on progress of the road map, and have an open discussion of how we can get further involved in evangelising Blockstack, and helping to market or build the break out app!

We had an inspiring chat with investor Richie Saville, CEO of Answerspace, and was especially nice to meet Ryan Shea the Co-Founder of Blockstack.

It’s exciting to be involved at the bleeding edge of this paradigm shift 😉

If you want to know how we can help you align your business with blockchain technologies, or if you need us to launch your shiny new startup with a fresh, lead generating, digital marketing campaign then give us a shout.

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