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StarTek Property Modules are at the heart of ‘Award Winning’ Estate Agents’ Websites (Part 1 of 4)

StarTek Property Modules are at the heart of ‘Award Winning’ Estate Agents’ Websites (Part 1 of 4)

Starberry’s StarTek Property Modules sit at the heart of all our ‘Award Winning’ Estate Agents’ websites. It sounds as though they are straight out of a sci-fi movie, but they are actually like a bunch of apps that can be ‘plugged’ in to your property sales and lettings website.

StarTek performs all sorts of functions and tasks that will dramatically enhance your web users’ journey and deliver better results that will ultimately boost your business.

Starberry’s StarTek software has been developed over the past seven years and the technology and architecture is constantly evolving to meet the needs of the fast-paced property industry – you’ll notice improvements even on a weekly basis.

The StarTek Modules have been specifically developed to be installed in to our preferred ‘Open-Source’ PHP Content Management System, called Joomla.

StarTek is the powerhouse behind our Estate Agent client’s core website functionality, and performs some very impressive tricks in the process. Here are just some of the reasons why StarTek Property Modules are something to be embraced by Estate Agents who are taking their web presence seriously:-

Integration with all leading Applicant Management Systems

Starberry’s StarTek Property Modules are configured to integrate with all leading Estate Agents Applicant Management Systems. Starberry understands that you might be using one piece of software for sales and another for lettings. StarTek is sophisticated enough to handle feeds from all the leading applicant management systems. It’s not a problem if you’re using a combination of Reapit, Aspasia, Vebra, Desrez or any one of the other systems available. StarTek can read XML feeds and integrate with other APIs (application programming interfaces) importing raw data and high resolution images in realtime.

Powerful Location based Search Results

Starberry’s StarTek software relishes the chance to manipulate postcodes, areas & street names. Most buyers and tenants search by geographical preference – usually by area, street name or by postcode – this is why you need a search facility that’s location driven. StarTek allows estate agents to specify what postcodes are paired with different searches, effectively allowing them to redefine geographical areas to better expose their portfolios of properties.

For instance, if a user searches for property for sale in Covent Garden, the Estate Agent can pinpoint what postcodes deliver the most suitable results. It could be the complete postcode for that area, a partial postcode, the postcode for fringe areas or a combination of all three. It’s a very useful tool if you have some areas where stock is low, offices border one another or if the user’s budget might make them suited to a slightly cheaper local neighbourhood. Crunching postcodes also allows searches to be presented as a map view, which users sometimes prefer over list of results.

Flexible Configurable Refine Search

Starberry’s StarTek allows users to set their own search criteria. Everyone has to search for a property, but how go about it can drastically affect the results a buyer or tenant might receive. StarTek allows for a ‘refine and reconfigure’ action where a postcode or location are not always necessary. Users can simply search ‘buy’ or ‘rent’ to trawl an estate agents entire stock. The search can be refined by choosing property type, minimum/maximum price, number of bedrooms or bathrooms and even whether a property is under offer, sold or let.

The user can keep clicking and refining until they’ve got their ultimate selection of properties that match their criteria. The action is a dynamic search, utilising Ajax, a web development technique that refreshes content on the fly, removing the need to wait for pages to reload each time a new refinement is made. You can experience this feature in action if you make a search on or

Search Engine Friendly Dynamic SEO

StarTek automatically generates great SEO to benefit your search presence. It dynamically generates SEO friendly page titles, URLs, H1-H4s titles and meta descriptions. What does that mean in plain English? The words that appear on the tab heading, in the web address field, and as headings and sub-headings on the actual web page will match keywords that regularly come up in users’ property searches. That means you’ll see lots of ‘estate agents in’, ‘properties for sale in’ and ‘properties to rent in’ followed by geographical locations, street names and postcodes. This makes every property and page visible to search engines and it improves your page rank with the likes of Google.

The Dynamic SEO is designed, written and preconfigured so it can be produced automatically, so the Estate Agent doesn’t have to remember to do a thing – StarTek generates all this valuable meta data behind the scenes so that it appropriately appears in the source code too. This module alone puts all our Starberry’s clients in a different league to the majority of their competition, with regard to number of well optimised pages in Google.

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