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StarTek Property Modules Capture Data & Create Leads (Part 3 of 4)

StarTek Property Modules Capture Data & Create Leads (Part 3 of 4)

Lightbox Action packed Forms

Starberry’s StarTek keeps viewers on the crucial pages. Don’t you hate that feeling when you’ve found just what you’re looking for, but you’re taken away from the page to fill out an online form, disrupting the flow? We know that call-to-action forms are essential to data capture, but with StarTek the forms emerge as pop-up screens in an illuminated ‘lightbox’ fashion, with the background web page slightly dimmed down to allow your to focus. Once the form has been filled out and submitted successfully, the user receives a clear confirmation message, before the pop-up screen disappears leaving the user right where they were before.

Data Capture

Starberry’s StarTek offers an intelligent data capture module. It’s no good generating lots of information requests for them to get lost in the system. Fear not, StarTek is set up to process and filter enquiries according to your business structure. One of the required fields when filling out an online form is your postcode, so the branch closest to that postcode will be notified that someone near them has a property to sell.

But say the user has been looking for a property to buy in a different area to where they live and subsequently make an enquiry about mortgage advice? Starberry’s StarTek is intelligent enough to notify that branch the user was on their page when the request was made, so the business/affiliate commission can be apportioned fairly.

Starberry is continually developing its powerful data capture & analytics dashboard as part of our quest to continually improve our offering. This dashboard allows our clients to see at-a-glance a whole bunch of great data, such as how many and what type of web enquiries they’re getting along with a host of other important events and sales/lettings analysis.

Rich Email Auto-replies

Starberry’s StarTek software creates tailored, rich email auto-replies. That means automatically acknowledging a viewer’s request for information. We don’t think a standard one line ‘thank you for contacting us’ email is enough. StarTek allows you to create user friendly response emails that carry your full branding and corporate colours for a professional look. You can also tailor the email text to your group’s needs or even create a bespoke response for each branch or type of enquiry. Once again, access via Joomla allows you to change the content of these emails as frequently as you like. Although the emails are automatically sent when a viewer submits a form, they feel like they’ve come from a real person at an individual office.

My Account, Saved Searches & Property Alerts

Starberry’s StarTek offers a My Account facility. We all know that searching for a property is addictive, but no one likes to re-enter the same data time and time again. The StarTek My Account facility allows registered users the ability to save individual properties to a secure login area. Even more impressive is StarTek’s ability to save complete searches so users can see multiple properties that meet their criteria. But the crowning glory is StarTek’s function that remembers the users search parameters and automatically sends them email alerts when new property instructions are added to their website and meet their clients search criteria. Customers value the ability to manage their exact requirements received from Estate Agents, instead of being spammed with irrelevant properties, which happens more than often.

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