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StarTek Property Modules for Sales & Lettings Agents’ Websites (Part 2 of 4)

StarTek Property Modules for Sales & Lettings Agents’ Websites (Part 2 of 4)

Similar Properties Recommendation Engine

StarTek pre-empts what your users are interested in. Have you ever thought that your computer is reading your mind by suggesting products and brands you might like? There’s no crystal ball involved, rather a clever analysis of any search terms you might have entered.

StarTek has this cracked for property searches, it will read the users search criteria and will suggest similar properties and services based on their criteria. For instance, StarTek will automatically suggest alternative properties in the same or neighbouring postcodes, at a similar price and number of bedrooms. This is another way of widening a users exposure to your stock without them actually having to complete a new search.

Mortgage Calculator & Currency Convertors

Starberry’s StarTek is in its element crunching numbers. We mentioned that StarTek has a number of neat little tricks and two of our clients’ favourites are listed below;

Automatic mortgage calculators. Knowing what you can afford is an integral part of purchasing a property, so many of our clients request an online mortgage calculator. As StarTek accommodates API’s, we can create real-time mortgage calculators that dynamically change as the users tweak their circumstances. They can alter the deposit amount, the loan amount, the interest rate and the term to get instant results without leaving the page. It’s possible with StarTek to have a mortgage calculator built in to every set of full property details, dynamically calculating monthly repayments, so there’s no need for navigating away from the page.

Live currency convertors. The currency markets change on a minute-by-minute basis and only the most wired traders will know what every currency is worth. We don’t expect estate agents to keep track of the Dollar versus the Pound so StarTek does all this for you. Our live currency API will give users instant access to the conversion of over 40 currencies – essential if your business has a global audience. Again this is built directly in to your Property Details and calculates on the fly.

High Quality Image Management & Optimisation

Starberry’s StarTek image management tools generate the right size, optimising images automatically. It goes without saying that first impressions count, so the quality of photographs in estate agents websites are extremely important. Have you ever been bemused by digital imagery lingo? StarTek does the hard work for you. All you have to do is ensure each image you upload is at least 2mb in size. StarTek will automatically convert the image for optimum full screen use and create different versions for display results and even thumbnail galleries. Each image will automatically be cached – meaning it won’t take an age to download on the user’s screen.

Phew, you needn’t worry about pixels, dots per inch or resolutions ever again! StarTek even dynamically applies an Alt tag, for best practise keyword search engine optimisation.

Animated Transitional Slideshows and Playlists

Starberry’s StarTek image rotators brings your website to life with moving images. A dynamic element to your images always grabs people’s attention, so StarTek allows you to create a carousel of rotating images that can be applied to a selection of pages on your website. The content is completely controlled by you via our web-based Joomla content management system. What you choose to feature is managed by a playlist – just like creating a list of your favourites songs on an iPod to play on a loop.

With StarTek you can choose to feature properties for sale or to rent, via your applicant management system, or upload graphics that convey promotional messages or cross sell in-house services.

Your carousel of images can be applied exclusively to your homepage or extended to other pages if you wish. This is particularly useful if you have a number of branches, each enjoying their own homepage. The set of images and graphics can be tailored to appear for that specific branch, or update automatically, based on a rules based criteria. For example, when Robinson Jackson was trialling professional photography in a select number of its offices, one of the carousel images for those specific branches carried an appropriate promotional graphic.

Playlists are easy and quick to change by simply updating the applicant management system code, or by uploading a new graphic. All our image rotators and galleries are handled using Javascript rather than Flash technology, so that they are visible to web, tablet and smartphone users alike.

StarTek powers your LCD Window Displays

StarTek allows you to be a big screen star. There’s a growing trend to have LCD screens in the windows of estate agencies, as they catch the eye and impart information to the passer by even when the office is shut. There are some crude ways of displaying information, but StarTek is more sophisticated in its offering. Providing there is an initial internet connection to transfer the images, we can link your carousel of rotating images (see point 8) to the screens – they are then cached so that they play regardless of loosing your internet connection.

If you have multiple screens, you can have a different playlist feeding each one. You can change what your screens play with just a couple of clicks, as often as you like and remotely using the client log-in facility Joomla provides. There’s nothing stopping you wishing passers-by in London a ‘Good Morning’ from your laptop while watching the sun set in Barbados!

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Note: This forms Part 2 of 4 in a series of stories relating to Starberry’s StarTek Property Modules – to read up on all the other amazing StarTek functionality we are bring to you and your Estate Agents websites, visit the following links:

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