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Thank you Steve for being a true inspiration to us. In our eyes you are an iLegend.

Thank you Steve for being a true inspiration to us. In our eyes you are an iLegend.

Steve Jobs was one of the very few people in my life that I can call my hero. Since Ben and I purchased our first Apple Macintosh computer in 1989 we bought into something much more than a machine.


One of the things that sums it up very well for me was an advertising slogan he came up with that simply said “Think Different.” Those two words add a zen like meaning to everything we do at Starberry – far more than zeros and ones packed in a plastic box.

He and his way of thinking has inspired Ben and I for over 20 years, to strive harder and always go that extra mile with every project we take on.

On the morning of the 6th October 2011, I was in Leicester at Fanela’s T-Shirt factory with my colleague Tom Gidden, when we learnt the news of Steve passing away. We spotted a beautifully appropriate and clever icon on Twitter, that had been devised by Jonathan Mak in homage to Steve.

In the spirit of the moment we created a couple of T-Shirts with that icon and a few words typeset in one of Apple’s favourite fonts Myriad Pro, for us to wear as a way of paying our respects.

We will continue to think different, and strive for excellence.

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