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The bee’s knees – Butters John Bee’s bespoke website

The bee’s knees – Butters John Bee’s bespoke website

Designing and developing a new website is about creating a buzz for a business, and the new online presence we created for Butters John Bee certainly did this – in more ways than one.

It was fantastic to work with such a high profile estate agency outside of London, with bucketloads of creative license to design and build a fresh, dynamic website that could play on the ‘Bee’ part of the company name.


Innovativeness and cutting-edge design are the hallmark traits of Starberry, evident in the fantastic websites launched for discerning clients based in London and outside, such as Butters John Bee.

One of the main objectives of the new Butters John Bee website was to create a slick, more modern image, losing the slightly oppressive black of the former website and incorporating more of the rich honey-tone of its branding. The company’s friendly vibe also needed to shine through – balanced with the in-house desire to attract more premium properties and upscale clients.


The hexagonal “honeycomb” motif woven by Starberry into Butters John Bee’s recently launched responsive website. This is a hit with users who stay longer on the website just to admire the neat design.

Reinforcing the brand through the build

While the busy bee theme was a gift we chose not to overdo it, instead it has been subtly woven throughout the website, with a recurring hexagonal motif representing a honeycomb. Users will find this motif as an animated icon on section home pages, as a ‘top of page’ button and as ‘scroll’ buttons when moving through a gallery of images.

Inbound lead generation and an improved display of property details was a top priority for Butters John Bee – no surprise given that almost every home purchase starts with an online search. With five key areas within the business – Residential Sales, Residential Lettings, Commercial Sales, Commercial Lettings and Auctions – Starberry created different ‘property details’ pages with personalised ‘calls to action’ and information boxes for each sector. There’s also a permanent ‘instant valuation’ banner across the top of every page that works as an overlay graphic as users scroll up and down a page.

“The ability to customise, is a really important point when designing and creating a new responsive website,” comments Ben at Starberry. “Many entry-level off the peg templated website packages don’t allow people to create a truly bespoke, responsive website that can be tailored to accurately target different audiences and offer unique workflows with a measurable ROI.”


Starberry’s thoughtful design enables buyers to view on an interactive map the exact location of properties filtered based on user preferences. Buyers can also look at similar properties in the vicinity, displaying on the same webpage.

Starberry’s 33 years of experience in designing websites for the estate agency industry has lead to a honed approach to the display of search results. The model for Butters John Bee cleverly marries a map with pins and a grid – shown at the same time. The pins work in perfect harmony with the grid view, allowing users to dovetail exact locations with an informative property snapshot in just one click.

Details that add to the dynamism

“The Butters John Bee website is full of clever little tricks that make the site both engaging and aesthetically pleasing,” adds Ben. “For instance, the site dynamically adjusts to fit whichever device a person is using – be that a desktop, a laptop, a smartphone or a tablet. Taking that sense of dynamism up a notch, we have programmed the ‘backroom’, so that the desktop site and the mobile site show different images. There’s also one of the most sophisticated school checker APIs integrated, which maps out the catchment area of schools close to a chosen property – with a filter menu allowing parents to narrow down the type of school, it’s Ofsted rating and its denomination. By the side of every property are two calculators – stamp duty and mortgage – and an automatic selection of similar properties at the bottom of the page to maximise cross-selling opportunities.”

On the same page

“The new Butters John Bee website is about providing as much property information, service details and data capture opportunities as possible on one page – with a clear and precise presentation. There’s really minimal navigation for users, creating a ‘one-page’ experience and thereby addressing the habit of users ‘dropping’ out after a certain amount of time on a page.

We’ve also created a ‘data dashboard’ so Butters John Bee can view its website’s performance in real time, and allow us as web builders to tweak pages and tailor content to its in-house business objectives. Aftercare and ongoing support is just as important as the initial design and build. A website should constantly evolve to be a business’s main lead generator and source of information for clients, and that’s what we’ll be delivering for Butters John Bee,” concludes Ben.

Email marketing and content automation campaigns create more buzz

While the Butters John Bee website was being designed, Starberry provided a full copywriting service, with search engine optimised content and area guides, referencing a carefully targeted keyword strategy focussed on words and phrases with the highest search volumes. This is being followed up by a Starberry written and designed email marketing and content automation programme.

To start designing an award-winning website today, contact us. We’d love to visit your office for an animated chat on Website Design, Digital Content Marketing, Email Marketing and Automation, to highlight just a few of our key services and we’ll endeavour to hit your sweet spot too.

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