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Webflow and the art of building better websites

Webflow and the art of building better websites

The new Starberry website

We’re super excited to announce the launch of the new Starberry website. As you’d expect, it’s full of all kinds of special functions that we’ve had fun building. Created with Webflow, the system lets us design, build and launch responsive websites by coding them visually. 

Webflow is a complete shift in the way we build and launch new websites. It gives the designers full control over the project, reducing or eliminating the need for complex coding to get exactly what you want. 

A lot of our own website design was formed out of exploring the new process with using Webflow. It allowed us to rapidly prototype design ideas which we could test on all or devices and see how it felt to actually use, and let us scrap or tweak things to work better. 

Why Webflow makes building your site simpler

Normally a site is built through many rounds of iterations, tests, reviews and approvals, more tests, more reviews, designers and developers and clients each probing and adding and reviewing. Did we mention tests? 

Webflow manages to bypass much of the time wasted. You design, develop and test at the same time. Designing the pages is the same as developing them—it happens simultaneously. It’s always being tested, across every device you need, with a powerful CMS that’s simple to work with. 

As one of our designers put it: “There’s a big chunk of that web design process that I can skip now, and sort of merge the prototyping and development phase, which has helped me build client sites a lot faster.”

Let’s talk conversational forms

One of the neat innovations we’re quite proud of is the introduction of conversational forms. Instead of presenting a block of fields you must laboriously fill in, you get an actual conversation: a two-way dialogue that’s personalised. Even though it’s clearly automated, the user experience is far friendlier and more targeted to what you really need. 

Check out this form on our home page and a different style form on our contact page

An animated experience

Let’s not forget one of our favourite online expressions: animations. Webflow lets us link them to motions on the screen, so if you scroll, for instance, the animation will build, transform, have new expressions and build precise micro-interactions that users find totally engaging. And fun, which is always a bonus. 

Check out some of our interactions here

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