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Why you should invest in a web app

Why you should invest in a web app

I like to tell people that we don’t build websites any more. Just as their eyebrow raises in surprise, I tell them: we build Web Apps. So what is a web app, and why are Starberry so crazy about this approach to building your online presence?

Well, let’s go back in time. Back in the 1990s and early 2000s, websites weren’t much more than a  few pages of static details. Kind of like a leaflet or catalogue on a screen. Then once smartphones came along—boom! We got apps. Dynamic, friendly and yes, exciting.

We talk about the web app as taking the best of both these worlds. The simplicity, accessibility and value for money you get from a website, with the features and dynamism of a great app. 

Why Website Apps work

It’s a mindset change that we think everyone can benefit from. If you don’t have the budget for a full app, then a web app works well for you. we begin the development process in the exact same way as we would if we were building an app for you. We ask how this would work as an app, how users will engage with it, how it can help productivity. We also include how this works as a mobile web app, and make sure it’s giving the user the best possible experience.

Web apps are about timely interactions, flourishes that draw you through an experience. A truly progressive web app guides you carefully and with purpose. Intelligent animations, dynamic features that activate as you scroll down the page, human-like interactions and dialogue: they make a web project leap from the screen. They’re exciting!

3 ways to make a web app great

So let’s think about what makes an app so great to use: they’re seamless, intuitive, personal and efficient to use. Once you’re inside the app, you’re made to feel like you’re at home there, with a smooth and interesting flow of action.

There are several ways to get these kinds of benefits in your website too, and make it into a web app. One is by saving as much data from the user as we can, so the user has far less of the boring data input to worry about.

Another way is by using more conversational interaction. A process that asks questions like a human, saves all your responses, and gives users a sense that they’re being spoken to as a human individual. For a great example of conversational interaction, check out Typeform.

And you can also make things have a far higher functionality. Instead of just giving people a form to fill in to ask about a call back, you could have a booking system online that only takes seconds to fill out. Calendly is a brilliant example. It’s integrated with the major calendar systems and completely automates your meetings.

Creating your web app is simple

Once you adopt the web app mindset, you begin to see things differently. Static sites are a thing of the past, and we can all learn from the genius of app development. It leads us to making sites that are better for your business, but also amazing for users, too—saving them time and effort, and creating loyal customers who are impressed by how much you care.

Would you like to discuss how we can create a web app for your company?

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