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21 Work from Home Tips from the Starberry Constellation

21 Work from Home Tips from the Starberry Constellation

Starberry has been decentralised since its beginning in 2001. With collaborators living and working all across the world, #WFH and remote work are business as usual for the Starberry Constellation. 

That’s why we thought it might be useful to share some of our best tips for working from home, to help our clients and partners during the current lockdown and beyond. 

Watch until the end for a special appearance that will surely put a smile on your face.

Welcome to your blank piece of paper

It’s pretty simple: before you do anything, write down what you want to achieve. With your goal in mind, go online and inspire yourself. Then, just do it. Because nobody is going to do this for you, check what you’ve done, give it a reality check and then submit your work. Step and repeat, that’s all there is to it. Secondly, having things on your desk that are amusing and inspiring. (Vince, Senior Designer)

How to make it work when working from home

Number one: have a separate room as your home office if possible and conduct all your work-related tasks in there. Number two: make sure this room or corner has plenty of light and good ventilation. Number three: keep yourself hydrated, have snacks to hand and make sure you sit on a comfortable chair. And most importantly, have in front of you everything that you would have at your office desk, so you keep yourself in a productive state of mind. (Nitten, Business Development)

How to avoid cabin fever

It is a reality that a lot of us feel isolated, easily distracted and lack motivation when working from home. So you have to set boundaries, create your working space, you have to plan and set goals for your work, but you also have to remember to take breaks - at the office you would go grab a coffee or visit someone at their desk, at home you have to move about, schedule in breaks to speak with your friends or coworkers in order to avoid feeling alone - sit near a window, ideally to look out of. Set and track your achievements throughout the day, in order to celebrate them. And finally, one important point in order to feel motivated is to wear real clothes. You don’t have to wear a suit when working from home, but don’t slob around in your pajamas all day either, it’s just not real. (Rus, Co-founder)   

How to stay productive when working from home

The thing has helped me over the years stay focused and get things done is this - be intentional with your day. So plan your days in advance, plan your whole week if you can. Make a to-do list each day and then prioritise and keep only the most important 5 things on that list. Make sure you remove distractions - put away your phone, close your email app and get on with what you had on your to do list. Remember to take plenty of breaks, stand and stretch and take a breath of fresh air whenever possible. (Diana, Digital Marketing)

How to limit your physical and mental fatigue

Try and have a 10 minute break every hour from sitting at the computer. Stand up, walk around, do stretches, look at the window, draw. This might feel like an interruption at first, but it will actually limit your mental and physical fatigue which in turn will allow you to be more comfortable and do work more efficiently and for more hours. (Louie, Web designer)

How to avoid losing track of time 

My work from home tip is setting up a lot of reminders. I literally have reminders for everything: for exercise at the start of the day, for work, for meal breaks and definitely sleep. A reminder for food is important; if I skip lunch, the day is going to be bad. It has happened a lot of times and I do not want that happening again, so a reminder helps. It’s basically because we get so involved in work that we miss it and that’s not really recommended. (Chaitanya, Social Media Manager)

How to find focus and get things done

My best tip for working from home is to know when you had enough. Don’t just hunker down in your lounge, thinking you’re going to work until you drop. Get up, take a break, come back and you’ll come back with a fresh perspective. My second tip is, if you have a noisy household or neighbours, get into a chill/ meditation track, the kind they use in yoga, put in your earphones and work through that. It’s important to get music that doesn’t distract you and let that play in the background. (Claudia, Copywriter)

Want more tips on how to get things done from home?

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