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Would your website fail a performance MOT?

Would your website fail a performance MOT?

Starberry has launched a free website audit service for all new and existing clients. Think of it as an essential MOT for your online shop front – a website health check to ensure you are drawing in the level of business that you should.

During your website MOT, we’ll run a full diagnostics programme, analysing speed, display, lead generation, visibility and SEO performance. Our website gurus will check the performance of your website on different browsers and devices, benchmarking a number of aspects against your competitors and other leading websites.

What might your website fail on? The design, build, coding, population and meta tagging of your website can all affect its ranking and success. During the website review, we’ll quickly discover if your website is slow to load on mobile devices, if your copy is hampering your Google ranking or if your calls to action are sufficiently engaging. More importantly, our web build experts will analyse what’s going on behind the scenes, as problems often lie in your website’s ‘back office’ and aren’t visible by simply visiting the site.

Even if the design and creation of your business website is relatively new, the world of website development advances almost every day and poor websites are quickly left behind. Successful websites that generate leads are being evaluated all the time by their business owners – not on a bi-annual basis or just when the aesthetic looks dated. Our website audit will identify how far you may be lagging behind your rivals and importantly, illustrate how easy it can be to rebuild a website that propels your business forward.

After we have conducted your website MOT, you’ll receive a full report detailing what we found. We’ll also include several solutions and fixes that will add some va va vroom to your website, as well as advice about redesigning your website to include some of the new functions and features that are just breaking in the website design industry.

Many companies miss out on new business because of a poor website – don’t let that be you!  Book a free website MOT with Starberry today – you’ve got nothing to lose.

If you would like Starberry to help create, develop and drive a digital content marketing strategy for your business, contact us now.

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