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Branding sets you apart from the crowd. It also sets Starberry apart from our competitors.

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Our 35-year heritage of focused brand development means we can create new brands for estate agents, property developments, proptech, property finance and conveyancing firms that are striking, memorable and inspiring. We’re skilled at refreshing your brand too, making your company relevant and competitive again.


Understanding your brand

Our approach works. We look at your business needs and make sure that every component of your brand is serving them. That means creating a simple mission and clear vision for the brand first, so you know exactly where you and your team are going as a brand.

We’ll help you define customer personas that offer a rich insight into your market, so you know who you’re speaking to and what they want to know. We can develop a tone of voice for your brand that’s authentic, easy for you to reproduce, and engages your customers in the way they expect.

Creating amazing brand strategies 

We discover the real story behind your brand and use our thorough product and customer research in an effective strategy. That strategy might include naming, logo designs, colours and photography styles, your choice of media channels, and how your marketing collateral works.

Above all, the brand strategy leaves nothing to chance: you are in control of your own brand story and you will know how every element works together, and you’ll be able to measure the benefits immediately.

The brand guide & strategy typically includes a background of your company, your mission and what you offer, your brand story and customer profiles, your brand positioning, proposition, values and personality, tone of voice, logo and typography along with examples of how to use them on different assets and formats.

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