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Data is in abundance. Everything we all do these days creates a trail of data. A new Mercedes creates enough data in one year that if you were to print it out on paper it would go to the moon and back many times over.

Actionable Insight

But data in itself is useless, and sadly, in most cases data is coming from multiple sources, in different formats, at different times and it’s missing one crucial thing: actionable insight. It’s all very well having a shed load of data, but unless you’re turning the data into insight, it’s useless.

At Starberry we’ve developed a number of tools to help manage data and ensure the correct insights are gained from it. We know that our clients have no choice but to use multiple tools to manage their business and each one of these is reporting independently, so our solution is the creation of a universal Data Dashboard.
Our Dashboard allows for unparalleled reporting and flexibility, we can pull data from Google Analytics, Social Media, Email Marketing, Advertising, owned Websites and more. Additionally, we can then collate this data in one place, analyse it and report on it.

When a client asks us where to put a button on the website, yes we consult our UX team, but we also review the data: where did users click before, what type of things did they click etc etc. By using our wealth of existing data as well as our client’s own, we can make more informed decisions when deciding how to plan a site.
Data & Analytics

Data done well

The same is true of marketing: we use data to ensure we talk to the right people at the right time. For example, a client might come to us asking to target a specific audience e.g. people who are about to move home.

When we receive a request like this, we look at the data we have access to now, the data that’s available and the data that could be available if we did something differently – by combining these sources, we could then look to build a propensity model that targets people who are about to move.

We’re asked to work with data in different ways for our clients. In some cases,we’re asked to source data for marketing purposes and
in this instance, will look to our data partners as well as our clients data to surface appropriate leads.

In other cases, our brief is simply to help a business grow and in this case, we might use data as a trigger to activate their existing database e.g. we take the data they have now and wash it against other data to highlight opportunities.

Data done well, can give you a serious advantage over your competitors and dramatically help you deliver and sell products and services that your customers actually want.

Data Driven Choice

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