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Email marketing is still one of the most effective forms of marketing, and with advances in technology enabling greater personalisation.

Email Marketing at a glance

When we look at email marketing we look at it in two parts: Broadcast communications and Content Automation.

Broadcast communications, which are sometimes referred to as campaigns, are individual emails that target a specific or mixed audience with a specific or mixed message. A broadcast could be a newsletter, or it could be an email.
Content automation is the second part of the equation. Content automation occurs when a user performs a certain action on a website, or meets certain criteria.

One of the most common forms of content automation, which most businesses do already, is send a welcome email when someone registers on a site. It may be basic, but this is content automation.
Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Email is still possibly the cheapest channel out there and brands spend a lot of time acquiring users and capturing emails, but the vast majority just don’t work their email database hard enough.

Thanks to advances in tracking technology, we can now take content automation to the next level, sending highly targeted communications at precisely the right moment based on complex rules e.g. send an email to all ‘male’ users that registered in the last 6 months, added something to their shopping bas

As with everything we do at Starberry, all Email Marketing & Content Automation projects start with discovery. We spend time learning about the brand, what they stand for, what they offer and what they want to promote.
From here, we’re able to start planning out what the streams of communication might look like, what the lead magnets and end goals are. Once we have our content and angle nailed down, we move into the creative design phase.

In almost all cases we see, brands come to us having been sold an online email tool, a content automation tool, or some other form of DIY email marketing setup.

Whilst these tools are great, they do not offer the ability to create visuals that reflect the brand or ooze quality. And as a result, whilst the content might be okay, the execution of the design is poor and the emails look poor as a result. For our clients, image is everything, and first impressions always count.

Content Automation

Working with the client we develop what we call a ‘New Enquiry Series’, this is a number of emails that are drip fed to the user over a period of time.

Not only do these emails help inform and engage the recipient, they also allow us to gently push products and services our clients offer, which we call ‘Lead Magnets’.

A lead magnet is a clear offering that carries a benefit e.g. buy this in this month and get 50% off. Not only do these lead magnets increase sales and drive users back to the site, they also allow us to gather insight on users.

Example, this person clicked the lead magnet ‘free kids car seat with every order’ and as a result, we can make an assumption they have kids, are going to be having kids, or for another reason retain an interest in items for children.
Now we know that, we can talk to them more specifically about it. We do this in an ‘Product Enagement Series’ that’s triggered when a users clicks a certain lead magnet and as a result, is segmented, that segment will have a content automation series attached to it and in turn, the user will now start receiving these comms.

Once we’ve got a campaign live, our job doesn’t stop there, in every case, we actually manage the email marketing campaigns on behalf of our clients, this means they actually get done.

We take care of their broadcasts and automations, we provide detailed reporting and demonstrable ROI, and we proactively advise on current trends, themes or anything else we can jump on to improve campaign performance and conversion.

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