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We work with passion towards achieving digital excellence for all our clients and we enjoy every minute of it! Find out more about the Starberry digital agency, our teams and our history. 

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Starberry is a creatively led digital agency, developing award winning online business – based in London, UK.

We focus on the following key areas of business; brand strategy, website design & development, mobile applications, on & off page SEO, social media marketing and support, maintenance & evolution.

Everything we do is centrally managed through a collection of web-based collaborative apps to give real-time communication for clients & partners. This proven approach heightens communications, maximises efficiencies and keeps everyone focussed online.

The Starberry head honchos are always available to meet face to face, however from the outset, we practise what we preach and manage your digital requirements in a virtual environment, i.e “wherever you lay your hat / device that’s your home” – subject to connectivity of course 🙂

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Our Team

Starberry collaborate with a network of highly specialised partners across the globe, ranging from listed corporations to skilled employed and self-employed professionals – we lovingly call our ‘Constellation of Stars’. Together we provide taylor-made, end-to-end solutions for all our clients.

What the dictionary says


A gathering or an assemblage, especially of prominent persons or things: The symposium was attended by a constellation of artists and writers.


An assemblage of splendors or excellences.


Fortune; fate; destiny. Obs


A configuration of stars as seen from the earth.


Origin: L.L. Constellatio, fr. Cum, together, + stella, star.

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Brand Strategy

A winning web presence starts with a powerful digital brand strategy.

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User Experience / User Interface

We pay as much attention to the look and feel of your website as we do to the user experience that it will provide.

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Website Design

Offer the same extraordinary online experience to your users, no matter the device they are reaching you from.

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Lead Generation

Our web development team combines high performance web tools with our efficient web development processes.

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Digital Marketing

We’ll drive more quality traffic to your property website by using powerful on-page search engine optimisation.

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Offer your customers an engaging experience and constant online support through an integrated social media presence.

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Email Marketing

Make sure your business website is populated with solid, top quality content that provides useful information to your online users.

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Social Media

We guide you through every stage of the project and working efficiently and transparently towards achieving your goals.

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Data & Analytics

We use and recommend only the best and newest web technologies existing in the market.

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Our History

A fruitful growth

The origins of Starberry go back to 1986, when brothers Ben and Rus Sellers formed a corporate identity agency called Blueberry.


Over the next fifteen years, with the pace of change in technology producing a current of new methods of design and marketing, the agency evolved rapidly, spawning new business units almost every year, each focusing on different media and production techniques, corporate logos and brand books, brochure design and print; CD ROMs and Interactive Kiosks; Global Promotional Product Sourcing; TV and poster campaigns; Portals, Web Sites, Games and eCommerce.


These collective operations serviced some of the world’s most prominent and successful companies: Philip Morris, CNN, Kraft Foods International, Duracell, Cable & Wireless, Boosey & Hawkes, Telewest, The Design Council and Ben & Jerry’s.

A growing roster of awards and press coverage matched the calibre and depth of the clients; but the burgeoning success of one business after another called for a new, more focused approach.


In May 2001, a new venture was established. Starberry (the original Navajo word for a blueberry) combines all the skills and experience of the previous fifteen years, not within a group of companies as before, but divided between a central management and production company along with a network of partners that form the ‘Starberry Constellation’ of stars.


Today, another 16 years on, Starberry is proud to boast it has retained its position at the cutting edge of the world of digital communications, developing award winning online business.