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Holbrook Property Finance – Web Creation


Holbrook Property Finance

A secure, lead generation website for property finance

Combining a stunning website aesthetic that appeals to high net worth individuals with a high level of security and the ability to share, sign and store highly sensitive house buying and home finance documents was what we aimed for and achieved.
The website wasn’t only about serving clients of Holbrook once they became a client, but it was essential to generate leads for them as well. Starberry worked with the leading provider of real-time mortgage information to allow consumers to gain live mortgage quotes directly from the Holbrook site.


The web design brief: create a ‘belt and braces’ website design with security and lead gen at its heart

Holbrook Property Finance is a prestigious client whose directors recently came to us with an exciting brief. The nature of its business is to help high net worth individuals secure finance and reach completion on property transactions without delay.


In a world where people are used to conducting so much of their lives online, Starberry was asked to create a business website that accommodated a high level of online administration – with documents being submitted, signed and stored via the website, as well as providing a real-time quoting engine for mortgages. Specifically, we were asked to create a highly secure website and to deliver an exemplary user experience for clients, all bound up within the usual online framework, and also within the specific and strict regulations of the finance industry (FCA).


How did we create a website design that looked great, was functional and met the criteria of a highly regulated industry?

“It was a pleasure to work with the Holbrook team,” comments Will at Starberry. “While we design a lot of estate agent websites, our background is in ecommerce and we’ve worked on sites in the recruitment, legal and fashion industry, and many other sectors over the years. We were excited to see how our experience across different market sectors could help in creating the new Holbrook site. Through our meetings, brainstorms and detailed discussions with Holbrook, we quickly understood the regulations attached to finance and worked to strict criteria to produce a compliant website that didn’t violate FCA rules.


“It was an interesting remit to build the e-signature and document repository elements,” adds Will. “We built a site that allows registered clients to transfer their documents via a custom-made interface. The website admin can also upload official documents for their clients to view and sign using the admin dashboard. All the documents are then stored in a highly secured database.”


“We are seeing an increase in the requests for e-signature technology with the growing trend in transacting online.” concludes Will. Registered Holbrook clients can now sign their documents using an external API integrated into the website, negating the need to visit an office in person or use the slower postal system.


The new Holbrook website also has an integrated dynamic valuation API tool, giving users instant access to a mortgage repayment calculator. The whole website is bound up in a user friendly UI/UX design, which works for both site visitors and for the website administration team.


Key web design features & functionality built into the Holbrook business website


  • Fully responsive website for all devices
  • API integration for real-time mortgage quotes
  • API integration for digital contract signing
  • Creative use of photography
  • SSL Certificate


If you’d like to bring an increased element of document sharing and e-signature technology to your website, ask us for advice. We’d be thrilled to redesign your current website or start with you from scratch.


As a fully loaded creative design and digital strategy agency, Starberry can provide you with everything you need for a lead-generating website – from web audits, SEO, copywriting and link building services to bespoke photography, email automation and UX testing. Just ask.