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Website Design

Starberry have created hundreds of award-winning estate agent and property-related websites, and we understand how to design the best for your business. Whether you’re an estate agent, proptech, property finance, legal, interior design or architecture practice, we know what works for you.

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An awesome website design doesn’t begin on the screen. It’s in the years of experience we’ve built up as a website design agency and the incredible team we’ve assembled to create awesomeness & deliver results for our clients.

We design property websites that are highly engaging, easy to use, and generate leads across any device. We do it by using the best and most appropriate tools for your job, always making sure that your website is as simple for you to use as it is for your customers.


Our approach to website design

Our approach to website design, for estate agents and beyond, starts with a well-thought-out strategy. A discovery phase gets under the skin of your business, and finds out what your ideal website design should deliver.

We look at your customer journeys — how do your customers find you, and what do they do once they get there? We employ user experience (UX) best practices to fine-tune your website offer so customers get what they need from you, as seamless as possible. That includes a clear content architecture, easy-to-use website navigation and strong calls-to-action, smartly placed to maximise lead generation.

Feature-rich websites

We’re professionals, with deep experience, and always stay on the cutting-edge of technology. That means we can offer you the latest features for your website before your competitors, setting you apart and giving you the advantage.

From triggered interactions, rich content, and intuitive forms that guide customers, our website design can help your estate agency or property business maximise the return on your marketing investment with on-brand messaging, lead generation, and a digital presence you’ll be thrilled to share.

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