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Email Marketing

The fact is: email still works. So what’s the secret? Starberry have created hundreds of marketing email campaigns for companies in property, proptech, finance and interiors, and we understand how to create emails that get opened, read, and make users take action.

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A powerful email marketing platform 

Our superpower comes from our experience, but our email marketing platform certainly helps! It’s how we create beautiful, crystal-clear and easy to read emails on fully responsive templates that look great on any device.

You’ll be amazed at the difference presentation makes, until you consider your own inbox: would you trust any company that sends you scruffy, patchy and unprofessional emails? So trust us: an email marketing strategy succeeds when it’s delivered from  the right platform.


Email Marketing Services 

Our platform also builds in useful tools that can make the difference. We can extract all the leads from your database, integrate with your CRM and website, and provide reports of opens, clicks, hot leads from user engagement and all the key metrics you need to refine and develop your email marketing in a safe and GDPR-compliant way. From regular newsletters that keep you top of mind, to broadcasts that serve up useful news at the right time to generate leads, we can help.

We can offer you a full range of email marketing services, from design, to copywriting, distribution and list management, our offering lets you choose the right mix for your marketing objectives and resources.

Automated email marketing

Email marketing automation is another efficient channel to nurture and convert leads from email. Our attentively crafted email automation workflows provide targeted information over time to anyone making enquiries on your website.

This way, your leads get nurtured and engaged, and the best part is it’s all automated so you don’t have to do anything! (once the email workflows are approved and launched)

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