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Social Media

Your customers love it. In fact, if they can’t find you on social media, they may not call you up at all. That’s the incredible power of social media today. Our social media consultants have helped dozens of clients understand it, and use it to drive their business. From estate agents to proptech and property finance, everyone can benefit from using social media.

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Our approach to social media marketing

We have a two-pronged approach to social that’s worked time and time again. To begin with, we create a social media strategy and editorial calendar that keeps your communication across social networks on-brand and in line with your overall digital marketing strategy.

As part of our monthly organic social media management, we’ll create highly engaging content that we know works well on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn - the aim is to make users stop in their feed scroll, show your brand personality in a social context and build trust and loyalty with potential customers.


Paid social media marketing

Next, we promote this content to relevant target audiences through paid ad campaigns. This will exponentially increase the reach and brand awareness you get on social media, but you have to pay to play. Our social media marketing specialists will come up with creative ad campaign ideas, suggest optimal media spend levels and the best content formats in order to generate local brand awareness, traffic or lead generation from Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn.    

We offer KPI reporting on your social campaigns too, so you can monitor, read reports and get the social media analytics that show you how this digital marketing channel is performing.

Get social

It takes an authentic brand voice and our advertising expertise to cut through the noise on social media. But there’s one other thing that makes a difference, and that is to enable your website to inspire social conversations with ease.  

We turn your online presence into a social machine, with tabs and share buttons that your readers can click to post the page on their social accounts. We integrate your social media channels to your website too, with our ‘Social Wall’ modules making it very easy for users to keep up to date with your latest activity on social media, without having to leave your website.

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