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Rhubarb – Pretty in Pink



Rhubarb’s food is nothing short of extraordinary. Renowned for being deliciously different, not just in taste, but in food design and presentation too, this high-end catering company’s website refresh brief demanded we deliver a feast for the eyes from start to finish.


Creating the perfect feast is what Rhubarb do – from cocktail to canapé and from palace to pool house. But in very simple terms, Starberry’s bread and butter here was lead generation – creating a stunning website that not only increased online enquiries but positioned the business for even greater things.


Picture Perfect

We used all our design knowledge and skills to create something suitably beautiful for the Rhubarb team. We collaborated with their team to ensure we were using jaw-dropping food and event imagery to genuinely stop people in their tracks. But hundreds of high-resolution images aren’t the easiest of raw materials, so speed of data delivery became a key component of our work on this project too. We upgraded our GGFX network so that we could ensure the brilliance of Rhubarb’s images every time – whatever the size, device, or bandwidth.


Word Perfect

We also wanted to research, pinpoint and then implement a word-perfect SEO strategy, so that Rhubarb’s rankings continued to climb to the same levels as its already sky high public perception. The time and effort paid off and our in-depth content audit delivered premium position for the Rhubarb brand, thanks, in part, to metadata, image tags and complex url structures.


Product Perfect

Rhubarb asked us to reposition their multiple product lines in the refresh, so that every facet of the business could standalone, as well as stand together. We revisited workflows and intuitive usability to deliver a real sense of immediacy for visitors to the site, and the new split homepage structure provided a tangible sense of coherence and independence for the different narratives within the Rhubarb story.


People (and Place) Perfect

Finally we looked at bringing a more recognisable human face to the refreshed site, with a stronger focus on the Rhubarb team and careers pages. The introduction of an advanced accredited venue tool allowed users to connect with Rhubarb’s many homes from home, and helped in optimising the top 25 venue landing pages with clever calls to action that drove even more business to Rhubarb HQ.


We would love your feedback on whether Starberry has succeeded in giving Rhubarb the most delicious website. The perfect pink package – stunning looks, brilliantly on brand and highly effective at delivering new business too.

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