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Search engine optimisation has been an integral part of Starberry’s full service digital offering since our inception. Whether we are responsible for the design and development of your new website or purely in charge of your SEO campaign, we always start by realising the key objectives, prior to developing a well considered SEO strategy.

SEO Strategy

Our SEO Strategy comprises of many different aspects. By understanding the goals and overall KPI’s, we work backwards to map a fully integrated solution.

We typically carry out a digital Q&A to get a better feel for the brand, market perception and positioning, products and services, content, tone of voice, strengths, weaknesses, competitors, KPI’s, ROI and more. From here we can start defining a well considered SEO and Social Media Strategy.

A solid keyword & content strategy sits at the heart of both an on-page and off-page SEO & Social Media campaign. By understanding the correct keywords to target, based on business relevance, search volumes and competitiveness, we can begin wrapping a SEO ecosystem in and around your business.
On-page SEO consists of multiple elements including page titles, url structures, metadata, image naming conventions, structured data, dynamic elements, internal link structuring, content architecture, event and goal tracking, data analytics, reporting and more.

It isn’t a one time thing, it’s an ongoing project which can unearth changes made by search engines in their algorithms , or that might affect a website’s performance, such as speed issues, duplicate content, broken links, crawl errors.

It can also highlight low hanging fruit, or even more in depth recommendations that can dramatically improve your website’s visibility and unique sessions. Without an on-page SEO focus, you are blind to the facts and your website might be hidden or failing but for some small tweaks.

Link Building

Link Building and backlinking is another key part to the SEO equation. Starberry have a dedicated team focussing on researching and surfacing the most powerful of backlinks, whilst also being mindful to remove the weakest links which could be having an adverse affect.

A link building campaign might include targeting a national press website, local websites or niche directories. There are a world of highly ranked free directories with opportunities to add content too.
We can create link bait articles such as guest blogs or encourage content promotion, such as promoting blogs & key landing pages via social bookmarking and other content syndication sites including the likes of communities, forums and document sharing sites.

It is a process that has to be handled carefully and methodically. Frequently we think out of the box and source some of the most valuable backlinks.

Think Local

For businesses with multiple locations, a local approach is always a wise one. Starberry have a dedicated team of local SEO experts doing everything from developing local content for your websites, whether it be product or area specific, through to syndicating local content to 3rd party websites, whilst creating signals via social networks. With such incredible mobile growth worldwide, the power of local maps must never be underestimated.
We focus on optimising Google, Bing & Apple maps – from business description, content through to high-quality citations and reviews. Our analytics have revealed time and time again that Local listings displayed in search and in map results themselves are driving high volumes of leads via the website, but more so directly by phone. The other great thing is that we can track and report on these calls.

On & Off Page Content

Our well planned on and off page content strategies feed your SEO ecosystem. From fresh content published to your website, shared across social networks through to PR articles, blogs and whitepapers syndicated across carefully selected 3rd party websites,
Starberry have got your content requirements covered. Internet offers everyone an equal opportunity to publish their messages and be heard, the reality is, only a fraction of your competitors have embraced this fact.


Detailed reporting & data analysis on a regular basis unveils the gold. We can clearly see what is and isn’t working and react accordingly. With a wealth of software offering amazing insights and reporting, Starberry help surface the relevant information. We believe in a transparent approach.
The beauty about the digital world is that everything can be tracked and there is no way to hide from the truth. The proof in the the data. We report on a clear set of agreed KPI’s and in turn are able to show an ROI. We have developed our own Data Dashboard that ports in a vast array of API feeds allowing us to give you direct access to your hottest leads.

It’s All In The Detail

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