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Social Media has exploded in the past 10 years, with Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter now becoming old timers, and young guns such as Snapchat arriving on the scene with an instant appeal to new younger audience.

Algorithmic trends

We feel any platform that allows the publication of content and subsequent following of content producers, comes under Social Media – that means the likes of Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Tumblr, Medium and more, all of which fall into our social repertoire.

Much like the rest of digital marketing, social media in many cases offers a cost efficient way to connect with customers. Most services such as Twitter and Facebook allow a brand to have a page or profile, and then the ability to publish content for free. However, many algorithmic changes over the past few years have altered the reach of content, and also the type of content that is seen outside of peers for free.
Furthermore, the trend of algorithmic timelines has pushed these platforms away from time-based results, and instead, timelines are now an aggregation of content that was deemed “relevant” or “popular” by the algorithm.

Whilst many believe this is a good thing (the jury’s still out at Starberry), one thing is for sure, if the content you’re producing isn’t relevant, timely and useful, it will inevitably fall to the bottom of the feed, resulting in minimal views, zero engagement and ultimately a wasted post.

To post or not to post….

At Starberry, we pull from our many years of experience and deep understanding of the brands we work with to deliver a powerful strategy, that delivers measureable results via tracked KPI’s, of the back of the creation of engaging content.

We make use of the latest tools for publishing and reporting ensuring our reach is as good as it can be.
A foray into social media shouldn’t be taken lightly, and a weak and inconsistent approach can do more harm than good.

Our social media managers are trained in the art of social, they know when and what to post, who to engage with and who to ignore, what’s more, they spend time following trends, listening to conversations and crafting copy so when that ‘Oreo moment’ presents itself, we’re ready to act.

Lets Get Social

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Social Media

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