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Since building our first ever site back in 1994, web design and development has always been at the heart of what we do.

Our Design Process

Starberry start the whole design process by absorbing all the research and feedback that is gathered throughout the detailed UX process. When armed with a clear brief consisting of the website strategy, feedback from all departments and stakeholders key success metrics, the design process can get underway.

One of the first challenges when designing your website is to prioritise and structure your business information in a way that helps you clearly communicate your business services and offering to your users. Starberry produce a series of webtrees that displays the structure and content architecture of the proposed website in stripped back set of lists presented in a shared spreadsheet.

Based on the approved webtrees, we can define the user journeys and workflow, design the navigation paths and offer your users the quickest way to learn about all your products and services.

Data capture and calls-to-action are paramount to any website’s success. This is why we carefully design and integrate relevant ‘lead magnets’ throughout your webpages.

We draw users towards easy-to-use forms and captivating calls-to-action that encourage engagement and ensure you get the most leads or sales from your website.


Wireframes & Beyond

From initial black and white wireframes, which help shape the website, without the distraction of colour, pictures, copy or fonts, we encourage client and Starberry team feedback.

In the early stages we begin by producing style tiles which pull together potential web font families and CSS styling, branding elements, graphical icons, photographic treatments and proposed action design.

After an iterative process, we begin developing high fidelity visuals across multiple platforms and devices. Good responsive web design allows us to build a ‘mobile-first’ experience that not only looks great but functions well across multiple devices, from Desktop to Tablet and Mobile.

The initial focus is typically on the homepage, which allows us to present various formats of top navigation, imagery, content, font styling, actions for data capture and footers.

Once we have sign off for the preferred approach, we begin the design rollout for a wealth of other pages, forms, email templates and more.

In addition to employing some of the most experienced ‘award winning’ designers, we also deploy some ground-breaking cloud based software applications to help ensure this collaborative design process is nothing short of a total joy.

Hand Crafted Goodness

Our Products & Features

Brand Strategy

A winning web presence starts with a powerful digital brand strategy.

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User Experience / User Interface

We pay as much attention to the look and feel of your website as we do to the user experience that it will provide.

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Website Design

Offer the same extraordinary online experience to your users, no matter the device they are reaching you from.

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Lead Generation

Our web development team combines high performance web tools with our efficient web development processes.

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Digital Marketing

We’ll drive more quality traffic to your property website by using powerful on-page search engine optimisation.

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Offer your customers an engaging experience and constant online support through an integrated social media presence.

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Email Marketing

Make sure your business website is populated with solid, top quality content that provides useful information to your online users.

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Social Media

We guide you through every stage of the project and working efficiently and transparently towards achieving your goals.

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Data & Analytics

We use and recommend only the best and newest web technologies existing in the market.

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